Vehicle Insurance & Warranties

Do you have adequate insurance coverage?We have our own independent insurance agents on staff here at Americas Mailbox. As an independent agency, we can write up insurance for your RV, car, truck, trailer, and motorcycle using a variety of companies looking for the best price and terms. (Please note that we cannot help with companies only using captive agents such as State Farm or Allstate.)

In order to give our members an accurate vehicle insurance quote, you must first fill out a detailed questionnaire by clicking HERE

This must be filled out for our in-house independent vehicle insurance agency (Americas Best Insurance LLC) to give you an accurate quote on your vehicle insurance. You may also ask your current insurer what your rates will be for South Dakota.

Please call our office at: (605) 718-1234 and ask for our Insurance Department, or call them directly at 605-202-8349.

Our team will be able to give you the lowest available rates for your vehicles using your fully answered questionnaire. As you know, both your driving history and credit history must be listed in detail in order to get you an accurate quote. Armed with this knowledge, we will be able to help insurance companies compete for your business based on all these different factors.

Unlike other states, South Dakota vehicle insurance follows the license plates. It cannot be obtained until the vehicles are registered in South Dakota. To register vehicles, NO inspections nor any proof of insurance is required and you do NOT need to obtain a South Dakota drivers license first.

If you do NOT have an RV or are only traveling part time (recreational use), you may not be able to get South Dakota rates on cars or trucks. We can usually insure all your vehicles as long as one is an RV.

Insurance companies need to know all the details of your driving history, your credit history, and the vehicle information so our agents can give you an accurate quote. Please note: If you do not answer the questions fully and truthfully, the quote will not be accurate, a waste of everyone’s time and we will charge your account any fees that are assessed on our agency by the insurance companies.

As soon as the vehicles are registered in South Dakota, our agency can write and bind your South Dakota coverage. The companies we write for understand your “garaging address,” and so you can obtain South Dakota rates even though your vehicle may never be in the state.

If you are already using one of the companies we write for in South Dakota, we can become your agent as soon as your vehicles are being registered in South Dakota. This does not change anything with your policy. By doing this, you get a live person instead of some call center somewhere.