Document Verification through online notarization

Notarization is a form of legal authentication for signed documents. It confirms a document’s authenticity and ensures compliance of such signed documents with the requirements of the relevant jurisdictions.

The Notary public verifies identity of the signee and ensures that such person fully understands, confirms (and willingly accepts) the information contained within such document.

What types of documents do you notarize?

We notarize just about every document which needs to be notarized in the paper world. There are a few exceptions though, so see below:

By law, we currently cannot notarize:
– Birth, Marriage, or Death Certificates
– Divorce decrees
– Court-issued documents

Are your notaries commissioned?

Yes. We only use Notary Publics that are legally commissioned which authorizes them to perform notarial acts online.

What are the acceptable forms of ID that I can use?

Acceptable forms of ID include the following photo IDs if valid and unexpired. Your state may have other allowable IDs or may exclude use of some items on this list, so always check:

– U.S. State Issued Driver’s License
– U.S. State Issued Photo ID
– U.S. Passport Book
– U.S. Passport Card
– Certificate of US citizenship
– Certificate of Naturalization
– Foreign Passport
– Alien Registration Card with Photo
– Military ID

What if I have additional signers?

If your document must be signed by more than one person, you have two options:

  1. You and your secondary signer can be co-located (in the same physical location), log into the session with the notary together, on the same device, and your documents notarized.
  2. If your document requires two or more signers and they’re not co-located, all signers must complete separate transactions. Each signer would need to request a separate appointment.

International Notarization ($75.00/stamp)
(For signers located outside of the US)

Not all notaries can notarize a document for a signer who is physically located outside of the state in which they are commissioned. However, we have notaries that can legally notarize your document even when you’re physically located outside of the US.

(Does not require US Citizenship or a Social Security number.)

Please note:

** A notarization is not an apostille **

  1. After booking your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email with the name of your notary and a link to your virtual session.
  2. During your meeting, you will need to show the notary your ID and physically sign your documents on camera.
    (Please have your ID ready and your document printed before the meeting.)
  3. After the session, you will mail the original documents to our office at Office of Notary, 514 Americas Way Suite 1001, Box Elder SD 57719-7600. Once received, the document will be given the notarized stamp and shipped to your recipient (shipping not included).

Our current procedures:

Call our office to set up an appointment

You will receive a Zoom invite through email

The entire session is recorded

You must have a picture ID with signature and a second form of ID with your name

Our notary will open the meeting and state the date and time

The notary will write down and record your ID (drivers license, passport, etc.) number for clarity

You must sign with a blue ink pen only

The notary must view you as you sign the document with your camera in a lowered position.

You will write the date above your signature

You will write on the left edge of the document the city and state where you are located when signing

We ask for permission to charge the amount to your credit card. Make sure you supply the physical address which your credit card has on file for you.

Email or call us to set up an appointment, letting us know what time zone you are in.